the squirrel’s nest

A wooden sculpture on a park seen between autumn trees
Conversation Room, by Ariel Bustamante, Otaniemi, 2018. Photo: María Villa

The Squirrel Nest (Oravan Pesä, in Finnish) is a podcast aimed at harvesting critical perspectives in Aalto University by developing conversations around contemporary life, and the ways knowledge and practice are built today and for the future. The dialogues, held in Ariel Bustamante’s Conversation Room, a sound sculpture, propose a channel for self-reflexivity of Finnish academia within a larger context of debate. They tap into stories and projects happening in Otaniemi, the potential unraveled by academic work, and the puzzling dilemmas that come with it.

Disseminating undertakings by researchers, artists and educators based in Aalto University, these conversations also bring about strong human concerns and reflections in connection to art, science, design, technology, and the main forces governing our contemporary reality.

We follow through with Bustamante’s core idea for the sound sculpture —we ask, “Why do we do the things we do?” wanting to deeply listen to people’s insights and their unique ways of searching for answers.

A squirrel's nest on a tree branch, against light blue sky